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Computer Graphics in Python ebook (PDF)

This will cover vector graphics programming in Python, using the popular Pycairo library.

This book isn’t yet complete, but the first few chapters are available for anyone who is interested to take a look. New chapters will be published as they are completed and I invite comment and constructive criticism. In the end I hope this will help me create a book that readers will find useful.

Initial chapters of the book will be available as free previews. You can follow the development and comment via one or more of the following:

Here is the expected table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • About Pycairo
  • Basic drawing operations
  • Paths and complex shapes
  • Transforms and state
  • Working with text
  • Gradients, images and patterns
  • Output formats
  • Clipping, masking and compositing
  • Integration with other libraries
  • Maths for vector graphics

As the book progresses, it will be made available for purchase at a much reduced introductory price. Early purchasers will be able to upgrade to the full book for no extra charge when it is complete.

I expect the book to be completed in early 2020.

Download the preview.