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Image manipulation recipes in Pillow

In this article we will look at some useful ways to use pillow to perform image manipulation such as resizing or rotating images. These techniques are particularly useful for batch processing images, for example preparing incoming images on a webserver. This article also provides an introduction to the pillow library. Here is our test image: Reading and writing images Reading and writing images with pillow is very easy, using the functions in the PIL. Read more →

Creating animated GIFs with Pillow

GIF format images were a common feature in the early days of the web. They aren’t used so much these days because PNG images are better than GIFs in almost every way. There is still one thing that GIFs can do that most other image formats can’t - they can create animations. They aren’t a replacement for video, but they can be useful for small, short, low frame rate animations. Read more →


pillow is a python library for processing images. It can perform many of the basic non-interactive tasks that are available in programs such as Photoshop or GIMP Image manipulation recipes - how to resize, crop and rotate images in Python, for example to batch process incoming images on a web server. Creating animated GIFs - how to use pillow to create simple animated GIFs. Read more →